Training Package 2: Intermediate Software Operations


An introduction to advanced features within LightBurn that are tailored to your specific use case, including the setup of laser attachments when time permits.

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This training is designed for those who already have a basic understanding of operating their machine or have attended our basic session. During this session, the operator will learn about the many features available within their LightBurn software. This training is tailored to suit individual use cases to improve job processing efficiency. In most cases, there is enough time to cover at least one attachment, such as a chuck rotary.

What will I need ?

The only items you will need are a few sample items from the material you want to use. The samples need to be at least 4″ x 4″ in size. Additionally, you will need a good steel ruler (with mm measurements). If you are doing the session with a CO2 laser that has an adjustable bed, you will need a “123 block.”

Sessions are two hours long. If you need more time, you may schedule a higher level in the series or a remedial session.

Due to customer feedback, we only offer one session per day. This gives the operator time to test out what they have learned so far and provide feedback for what they need in their next session. Please note that sessions are virtual only, and the host will contact you ahead of time to confirm the session time, date, and the best virtual tool to use for the customer.

Please review the terms and conditions page before booking.


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